Replacement Athletics Spikes

How to care for your spikes

Find out how to take care of your spikes

Our high quality spikes are made with quenched & tempered steel for strength and durability. The following tips will maximise their lifespan:

  • Avoid hard surfaces. Wearing spikes on hard surfaces like concrete or bitumen will wear down your spikes.
  • Keep them dry. Spikes only rust when there is moisture involved. When wet, wipe your spikes with a cloth as soon as practical after use, and then allow them to dry in a well ventilated area.
  • Remove dirt. If your spikes are dirty from use on a grass track or in a cross country race, hand wash them with soapy water. Do not place them in a washing machine or clothes dryer, as this may damage the spike plate. An old tooth brush is particularly useful for cleaning any dirt that may clump around spikes.
  • Loosen and tighten the spikes regularly. Doing this every couple of weeks ensures that the spikes will always be easy to change when required. If spikes are difficult to screw in, spraying them with WD40 can be useful.
  • Check spikes for damage. Particularly after use in cross country races, check that spikes have not been broken or bent. Always replace damaged spikes.

What to do if a spike gets stuck

If a spike is rusted or stuck so that it can’t easily be unscrewed, here are a few things you can try:

  • If the spike key isn’t getting a grip, ensure there is no dirt clumped around the spike. If there is, clean it away with an old toothbrush or paperclip.
  • Spray the spike with WD40, then leave for a few hours before trying again to unscrew it.
  • If the flat section of the spike gripped by the spike key is damaged, you can try using a pair of pliers to get a grip; or use a file on the side of the spike to increase the size of the flat section.
  • If all else fails, placing the spike in a workbench vice can provide a stronger grip and the traction needed to loosen the spike.

Following these tips on how to take care of your spikes will maximise their lifespan. You should look to change your spikes once or twice a year, depending on how often you use them and on what surface.

When it comes time, you can purchase replacement spikes from us for $9.50 with fast and free delivery.

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